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I always sigh to myself when someone gives me a candle as a present.  No candle I've ever had comes close to making our home smell as cozy and warm as Aunt Becky's.  The fragrance from one candle is enough to fill an entire room!  My favorites are your Christmas scents (Christmas Kitchen, Christmas Splendor), and I will admit that I burn these all year long!  I keep the Apple Cinnamon candle in my office and it never fails to get comments on how lovely it smells (I never fail to tell them where I got it either!).  Thank you for making such a wonderful quality product!

Jenn J., Atlanta, GA

I have been buying scented candles for years. I am a writer and I like to burn them while I work: not only do candles symbolize the creative spark nicely, but a scent can create the mood of a scene set under a wisteria pergola, for example.

However, when I actually get my newly purchased candles home and light them, it is always an anti-climax. Most smell nice in the jar but not at all once lit. All they do is sit there and look pretty. I finally settled on Yankee Candles, because at least they smell when burning; but the scent is usually so faint, you have to practically singe off your nose hairs to get a good whiff! I always think, "I paid $25 for THIS?"

Then one fateful day, I purchased two small candles from Aunt Becky's Candle Shoppe (mostly because Yankee didn't have the scents). Having known disappointment for so long, I tried not to get my hopes up, figuring I'd wasted my money yet again. Thirty seconds after lighting your first candle, I knew I had found something remarkable. Not only did the scent waft out almost immediately, it soon filled my entire apartment. Even across the room, I was constantly taking deep breaths and saying "Mmmm!"

I am converted. Not only do Aunt Becky's Candles actually smell like they're supposed to, they burn more evenly and cost less than the other guys'! I also like your homey-shaped jars--and your customer service is outstanding! So I wanted to send out a big thank you.

Jennifer B., Fairfax, VA

First off, I would like to tell everyone out there, if you are wanting a scented candle that burns evenly and with the most scent possible, then purchase your candles from Aunt Becky's Candle Shoppe. Forget about all those other brands out there, yours are so more superior than any other scented candles on the market.

I first came in contact with your candles are the craft fair in Thurmont, MD last year after smelling your Honeysuckle candle (my favorite). At the fair I purchased a few and when my wife and I returned home that day, I lit one in my family room and was amazed at the long lasting scent it gave off. This scent was repeated each time it was lit to my amazement - generally scented candles die out. Needless to say, I went to your website (thanks for your business card) and purchased additional candles in your 26 oz jar. It's just amazing how long and even your candles burn.

This year October 2007, my family and I made the trip to Thurmont for the Craft festival even though I just had knee surgery a few days prior and had to be pushed around in a wheelchair. I made it a point to inform my wife, son, daughter, son-in-law and daughter-in-law that I had to locate your booth in order to purchase more of your candles and that you were they only vendor I was interested in locating at the craft fair. Well, needless to say, my 33 year old son found your booth and informed me where you were located. Even though it took a while to decide on a few candles as you may remember, I did make my purchase of 4 of your 16 oz candles (a few Honeysuckle of course) as well as a few other scents. Even my son and his wife, as well as my daughter and her husband purchased a few on "Dad's" recommendation. They will be very happy that they did and I'm sure they will visit your website to purchase more once they have had the pleasure of experiencing the fantastic fragrance your candles give off.

Sorry for this testimonial being so long, but it's rare in this day and age when you can find someone that makes and sell a product that is as exactly as the person states it is and is what we call in my family a "Top Door" product.

Thanks Aunt Becky to you and your husband for putting out such a wonderful product - you have a "Customer for Life".

Steve L., Woodbridge, VA

At, Christina reviewed one of our candles. Click Here to read what she has to say about it.

In the past when I bought a scented candle it would smell for about the first two days, and when I would light it, it didn't smell like anything. Well, I went to a little fair at my daughter's preschool and saw auntbeckyscandleshoppe, I didn't really want to buy anything, but I thought I would support this cute, little company. I bought a cinnamon candle in a glass jar. A few days later, my husband's family was in town for Thanksgiving so I broke out my candle. As it turned out I LOVED it. It smelled so good and so rich, but not overwhelming. I have burned it every night since then. Last night I realized that it was almost burned out. I went to your website and saw that you were going to be at Ida Lee, so I rushed out this afternoon and now I have lots of new, different smelling candles. Thanks for making a beautiful product that actually does what it's intended to do.

Merry Christmas and much thanks, Susan G., Leesburg, VA

I recieved the candles yesterday, and I absolutely love them!!!! I burned 2 already, and they smelled sooo good, and nice and strong the way I like them. I especially loved the apple cinnamon. Thanks for a great product, and I will be ordering more for me, and for gifts.

- Linda W., Akron, OH

I burn candles and Aunt Becky's are the only candles whose fragrance is everlasting and depending on the scent, even delicious. I will not buy any other candle since I discovered Aunt Becky's candles.

- Cindy W., Purcellville, VA


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