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Apple Cinnamon - The aroma of a red juicy Macintosh apple, sprinkled with fresh ground cinnamon sticks.

Autumn Magic - Autumn comes to life with this magical scent.  It starts with top notes of lemon and apple; followed by middle notes of anise, cinnamon, and ginger; sitting on well-rounded base notes of woods, musk, and vanilla.

Baby Powder - Reminiscent of J&J's Baby Powder scent.

Bamboo & White Grapefruit - A fresh and complex fragrance with top notes of white grapefruit, petitgrain, and tangerine; leading to middle notes of mandarin, tangerine, and mimosa petals; and balanced with base notes of Rainforest bamboo, juniper berries, and musk.

Bayberry - A nice blend of fir and balsam and spices.

Brown Sugar & Fig - A magical and complex fragrance with top notes of fresh figs, peaches, and passion fruit; followed by middle notes of coconut milk, vanilla orchid, jasmine, maguet, and freesia; well-balanced with base notes of vanilla beans, caramel, maple sugar, fig leaves, and musk.

Cabernet Sauvignon - The sweet aroma of wild grapes enhanced with hints of strawberries and sweet sugary notes with a light alcoholic background. 

Christmas Cabernet - The aroma of aged wine with hints of Christmas time.

Christmas Cabin - A wonderful blend of bayberries and cranberries with a top note of freshly crushed cinnamon bark and hints of orange zests.

Christmas Splendor - Wonderful Christmas combination of apples, oak, balsam, fir, and pine, with a background of cinnamon and clove.  

Cinnamon Sticks - Warm, lively and pure, with the rich aroma of natural cinnamon sticks.

Coco Mango - A complex fragrance with fruity notes of mango, fresh strawberries, elderberries, and ripe papaya completed with rich vanilla, toasted coconut, and just a hint of soft musk.

Cranberry Orange - A delightful blend of citrus notes of orange, satsuma, yuzu, and tangerine; followed by notes of cranberry, peach, and hints of spice.

Eucalyptus - Fresh picked eucalyptus leaves with hints of lime.

Eucalyptus and Spearmint - An invigorating blend of eucalyptus and spearmint with fresh citrus lemon, lavender flowers, and a hint of sage. 

French Vanilla Coffee - A sugary, vanilla aroma with just the right amount of fresh brewed coffee.

Fresh Peach - A juicy fresh ripened peach. The best Peach you will ever find!

Gardenia - A floral blend with a hint of orange.

Ginger Peach - A well-balanced scent consisting of warm ginger essence combined with juicy peaches.

Honeysuckle - A fresh honeysuckle blend with hints of jasmine, rose, and lilac.

Hot Baked Apple Pie - The aroma of fresh cut granny smith apples, smothered in butter, cream, and cinnamon, with a background of fresh baked crust.

Hot Fudge Brownies - The aroma of freshly baked chocolate brownies smothered in hot fudge sauce with a hint of vanilla.

Hot Orange Danish - A fantastic bakery scent with notes of fresh baked danish, orange zests, and the aroma of drizzled cream frosting.

Indian Summer - A very complex scent with strong top notes of strawberries, green apples, and pears; middle notes of geranium and basil; and bottom notes of oak and fresh greenery.

Jasmine - The exotic blend of freshly cut jasmine flowers with a base note of rose petals.

Juniper Breeze - A nice balance of floral, green and fruity notes with a slight musk undertone.

Lavender - A wonderful aroma a true lavender flowers.

Lemon - A freshly sqeezed juicy lemon.

Lemongrass - Wonderful aroma of fresh cut lemongrass with a hint of green herbal notes.

Lilac - The aroma of a freshly blooming spring lilac bush.

Magnolia - The sweet fragrance of beautiful magnolias.

Mandarin Tiki - A fresh and energizing aroma with crisp citrus essence.  A complex combination of mandarin rind, red currants, strawberries, and blueberries; with middle notes of watercress and palm leaves; balanced with musky bottom notes.

Merlot - Velvety nuances of plums, apples, red raspberries and strawberries combine with a light alcoholic and spicy background. 

Orange Clove - The wonderful fragrance of orange and clove.

Patchouli - An earthy aroma with the true herbal aroma of fresh patchouli.

Peppermint - A very crisp, clean, true peppermint scent.

Pina Colada - A tropical combination of sweet pineapple and coconut.

Pine Forest - A pleasant blend of fir and balsam.

Pomegranate - The sweet aroma of a juicy sliced pomegranate.

Potpourri Spice - A spicy combination of freshly ground cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, ginger, and clove.

Pumpkin Apple Butter - Get in the mood for the holidays!  Top notes of orange, apple, pear, pineapple, and cherries; middle notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove; with base notes of warm vanilla.

Pumpkin Pie Spice - All the aroma of this holiday favorite.

Raspberry Patchouli - The sweet fragrance of fresh raspberries married with the earthy scent of patchouli.

Sage and Citrus - Wonderful aroma of top notes of mandarin, tangerine, ruby red grapefruit, and lemon rinds, with base notes of fresh sage leaves.

Spiced Cranberry - A refreshing blend of cranberry relish with hints of spice.

Sun Ripened Raspberry - A bath and body works type scent. A fresh fruity blend of red fruits enhanced by peach.

Sweet Pea - An English garden of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets, and wild jasmine with a background of light herbal and musky notes.

Vanilla Silk - A warm luscious smooth vanilla aroma.

Winter Garden - Refreshing and clean!  This will remind you of the fresh clean smell of winter air while walking down a snow-covered path.  It begins with top notes of fresh lime and menthol; middle notes of Douglas fir and lavender; with full-body base notes of eucalyptus and pine.

Discontinued Scents

The following scents are discontinued but still available until sold out.

Apple Mango - This delightful fragrance begins with top notes of sweet ripened McIntosh apples, pears, and white roses; followed by middle notes of freshly sliced mango, fresh greenery, and tiger lily; all sitting on base notes of floral musks.

Aromatherapy Mood Enhancing - An uplifting floral aroma of fresh picked roses, with base notes of jasmine and musk.  

Aromatherapy Passion - Blend of floral notes such as lilac, gardenia, carnation and hyacinth on a strong bouquet of roses.

Banana Nut Bread - An aroma of sweet ripened bananas with a nutty base note, and a buttery top note.

Cappuccino - A rich strong fresh brewed coffee with heavy cream and sugar.

Chamomile - The wonderful aroma of freshly picked chamomile flowers with hints of green.

Cherry Crumb Pie - A combination of sweet black cherries and sour cherries with a base note of a freshly baked southern flake crust.

Coconut Cream Pie - A rich, creamy vanilla base with notes of coconut and butter.

Creme Brulee - The delightful aroma of creamy vanilla custard pudding drenched with creamy buttery caramel sauce.

Fresh Squeezed Orange - Freshly squeezed oranges.

Gingerbread - A wonderful spiced cookie with hints of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger.

Hazelnut Coffee - An aroma of freshly brewed arabica coffee beans combined with creamy vanilla with a base note of nutty hazelnuts.

Hyacinth - Smells like the hyacinth flower in full bloom.

Leather - The aroma of new leather.

Lime Cilantro - A clean refreshing citrus lime blend with slight hints of jasmine and a background of musk and woodsy notes.

Mulberry - A classic mulberry enhanced by cinnamon stick, wild berries and bitter orange peels.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie - Yummy, mouthwatering Oatmeal Raisin Cookies!

Pearamel - A scrumptious scent with top notes of granny smith apples, pears, and black cherries; followed by middle notes of caramel and maple sugar; and rounded out with base notes of buttercream and vanilla. 

Peony - A true peony scent! A powdery, romantic floral scent.

Red Delicious Apple - Absolutely the best apple scent you will find - no spices or anything else added.  Just, apple - simple, pure and true.  You'll love it!

Red Hot Cinnamon - Just like the candies.

Relaxation - The aroma of fresh picked lavender flowers, with a faint background of musk.

Sheer Seduction - A sensual floral accord of African violets and lily of the valley, complimented by slight hints of kiwi, lime, and grapefruit.

Snickerdoodle Cookies - French vanilla with a touch of cinnamon sticks, gingerbread, and maple syrup.

Spa - Floral blend of jasmine, rose and neroli with hints of violet on a background of tonka beans and fresh green ferns.

Spearmint - A very refreshing, minty spearmint aroma.

Strawberry Preserves - Strawberry and the sweet smell of preserves.

Victorian Rose - A fresh cut rose with a slight musky background.

Watermelon - A fruit blend of melons, peach and strawberry with a hint of vanilla.

Winter Berry - Sweet Strawberries and Raspberries with an icy cool splash of Peppermint!

Wisteria - A light floral blend with subtle hints of jasmine, lily of the valley, lavender and rose, along with a touch of clove.

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