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Important Announcement

When we started Aunt Becky's Candle Shoppe in 2001 we had two goals - create the best hand-poured scented candles you can buy and sell them for less than the other major candle companies do.  And we believe that we did just that.  

However, over the years supply and shipping costs have continued to rise as well as ongoing increasing costs for website hosting/maintenance/certificates and business insurance.  We didn't want to increase the prices (again, our second goal was to cost less) so we streamlined our product offerings by reducing the number of jar styles and pared down our fragrance selections to the more popular and better selling ones.  And this helped somewhat.
We made quite a bit of our sales at craft shows.  These shows took a tremendous amount of time and preparation as they required a lot of on-hand inventory to sell at them.  Over the years the application fees for these shows had skyrocketed, attendance had fallen, and sales were flat.  It wasn't worth all the effort for very little profit.  We decided last year to take a break from craft shows and see how well the business would do just on internet sales.
Unfortunately our straight internet sales this past year have not been stellar.  So, with this and also the increasing difficulty of balancing family life (3 children who all have extracurricular activities in different places at the same time!) we have come to a painful decision... 
After 17.5 years, Aunt Becky's Candle Shoppe will cease candle-making operations.  
All Candles are now available in the Candle Clearance Section.
If you or someone you know is interested in candle making equipment, molds, votive wax (we have many boxes of this), and/or 18oz Victorian Apothecary Jars (we have hundreds of cases left) please contact us.
Please note - we will continue to sell our Natural Pits Deodorant.  Only candle production/sales will be discontinued.
Thank you,

Becky and Manny Weber

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Handmade Natural Deodorant
No Aluminum, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol
Triclosan, Parabens, or other Nasty Chemicals!

We have designed this all natural deodorant to provide odor protection without resorting to the use of chemicals.  It uses a small number of natural ingredients and our scented deodorants add only Essential Oils and Tea Tree Oil to the base Original Scent. 

For information on why you should ditch those commercial brand antiperspirants and deodorants and use our Natural Pits Deodorant click here.

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